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I enable independent agencies and brands from around the world drive business in the Benelux countries without them having to open their own office in the Netherlands. I produce creative local content that is appropriate both for their client's profile and our market.

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Welcome to Holland

With our sense of freedom, our commercial spirit and our art, this small country behind the dykes holds a unique position at the heart of European culture. To do business in the Netherlands, you need to understand what moves us.

And once you’ve sold to the critical Dutch consumer, you are ready to sell in the rest of Europe: the Netherlands has been used as a European test market for years.


So often, sentences from one language and culture get translated into another just adequately. The meaning appears to be kept but somehow sales just don't happen. I take your words adapt them to our cultural environment, so your message will be understood and accepted as a native idea. I can even build you an entire campaign tailored to the Dutch market.

Creative production

Take advantage of my 30+ years of professional experience in multiple creative fields. My photography, artwork, AV and digital know-how means I can create either in collaboration or on your behalf, all the while being laser-focused on the Dutch-speaking market. I can also help you develop procurement relationships with tech providers.

Media enhancement

Media deals are best negotiated in our own languages. The increased trust and recognition of a native player can reap multiple rewards: I have been able to negotiate up to 40% price reduction or a 60% increase in advertising space, additional to what an international media agency could secure. I can also provide second opinions on proposals.

And fieldwork!

Before I go ahead with your bespoke Dutch campaign, I can help you make sure the market is ready for the brand you represent. I carry out detailed brand research and set up field labs and consumer panels; I will test the market in whichever ways are appropriate, so your product is launched with maximum confidence.



Your man in Amsterdam

As a creative and strategic advisor on both the client and agency side, Jacco van der Graaf has spent the last three decades helping leading brands in industry, commerce and finance fulfil their international ambitions.

He now applies this knowledge and experience to serve independent agencies or brands that would like to work across the Benelux countries.

How can I be of assistance?

Take advantage of my 30+ years of local marketing experience to the full by involving me in your early-stage plans or pitches.

  • Get Dutch consumer insights into your brand
  • Discover relevant cultural behaviour and traditions
  • Localize your online, print and AV campaigns
  • Get assisted by an experienced partner in AV, print and digital
  • Find your way around the Dutch media landscape
  • Carry out in-depth market and marketing research
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